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報告的主體是討論材料的地方。應分析和討論您收集的事實和證據,具​​體提及該問題或問題。如果討論部分很長,則可以將其劃分為多個部分標題。您的積分應按照邏輯且易於遵循的順序進行分組和排列。使用標題和副標題為材料創建清晰的結構。使用項目符號點在易於跟踪的列表中顯示一系列點。與整個報告一樣,所有使用的源都應得到確認和正確引用。有關進一步的指導,請查看您的學校的手冊和學生學習中心指南:參考書目和書目。 結論

An additional idea that might be applied in context is the idea of minimum damage. The minimum damage predicament is one which a choice maker will make a choice which individuals usually are not harmed even When they are benefitted. In this article the prerogative is not on maximizing earnings, but somewhat is on lessening the harm to another (Trevino, 1986). This can be a simple human strategy for Operating and selecting wherever folks tend not to center on maximizing their revenue if they operate but alternatively work to make certain they're not harming even in only one man or woman in the procedure.

報告標題, 說明報告的目的; 你的姓名和將收到該報告的人的姓名(位於右下角); 提交日期;

登錄到官網後, 您可以在自己的個人系統中隨時監測到論文的進度, 不論是在寫作的過程中, 還是論文交付後的修改過程中都可以看到.



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當您點選登入本網站成為飛比價格會員,視為同意本網站之 服務條款 或 隱私權政策 ※ 本服務提供之商品價格 、漲跌紀錄等資訊皆為自動化程式蒐集,可能因各種不可預期之狀況而影響正確性或完整性, 僅供使用者參考之用,本服務不負任何擔保責任。

一個好的寫作習慣是需要在每次的寫作當中體現出來的. 因此在寫作的時候只要引用了他人文章的內容, 就要記得標注出處, 詳細標注出是哪一篇, 哪個作者. 這樣才能確保不是剽竊行為.

It may be reported that when the implications are regarded, people ought to act that they generate the best possible success for everybody, and only then their action can be termed as becoming ethically suitable. Maximum Added benefits may be delivered provided that all stakeholders are benefitted. Listed here the stakeholders are buyers, shoppers, personnel or every other human being linked to the business. In cases like this situation, it could be explained that if Michael was to consider up some selection that will impact Every person, then he should think about the decision that could end in greatest gain for everybody. In accordance with 報告代寫 this, Michael need to for this reason not be silent around the wrongdoers. It can be observed that the incorrect could go on this sort of that only a small sum of people would take advantage of the actions along with a utmost volume of stakeholder’s wont. What's more, the beneficence is not elevated, and in reality it may be stated that the issues or troubles for the organization are greater as the company’s status in the final subject will go down.

抓人眼球的introduction怎么写呢?introduction的结构与写作逻辑 不管是撰写essay、assignment亦或是P

研究人員通常使用多種研究方法, 研究方法都會產生定性數據, 如: 焦點小組, 參與者觀察等.

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